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Docker default networks

July 15, 2023 - 627 words - 4 mins
My home network uses IPv4 and IPv6 ranges. Several machines run docker and all have default ranges, which of course overlap. I can setup docker networks with fixed IP ranges, but for one case that does not solve everything since it creates ad-hoc networks. My setup For CI/CD I use a Drone CI docker … read more

PS5 Joystick drift

July 14, 2023 - 492 words - 3 mins
Like many before me, I too fixed my PS5 joystick drift. I had to solder in a new component (part of ALPS RKJXV) to properly fix it. What is joystick drift? Many people wrote about it already, and ifixit explains joystick drift very well, but the gist is a controller joystick seemingly moves by itse… read more