SVN/git web administration

Submin provides a web-based admin interface to your SVN and git repositories. Its goal is to be easy to setup and easy to use.

Download submin Installation instructions

It seems that the latest nightly builds do not cleanly upgrade. Please see News for more information.


  • Create SVN/Git repositories
  • Add users/groups
  • Control read/write access to repositories
  • Easily upload SSH-key(s) for Git access
  • Config file generation for Apache/Nginx
  • Web-based configuration diagnostics
  • Enable repository commit/push notifications
  • Enable trac commit/push ticket sync
  • Enable/disable commit/push email notifications
  • Change password/email address
  • Forgot password? Reset via e-mail
  • Automatic database upgrades
  • See repository URL
  • ... and many more

(: only for admins)



To enjoy Submin, please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Download submin
  2. Install submin
  3. Configure submin
  4. Use submin


  • Chrome
  • Firefox 2+
  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Safari 3+
  • Opera

Operating Systems

Submin can be installed on several OSs. All development is done on Debian stable and testing, but we try not to be restrictive to only Debian.

Submin has also been reported to work on: Debian (etch, lenny, squeezy), Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server/openSUSE, Gentoo, OS X and CentOS.

Ticket system

Do you have feedback, do you want to report a bug or request a feature? Please visit our ticket system.

See open tickets »


Licensed under MIT-like license

See Submin license »