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There are stable releases (current) and nightly builds (newest version from git), both tarball and Debian package. You can also still download the old releases, but they are not actively supported anymore.

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Debian packages

Current Nightly builds Old (deprecated)

When in doubt, download the 'current' release. Hint: Add the Debian repository for easy install/updates.

Which packages to install »

The Debian packages are split into multiple packages so you only need to install the software that you want to use.

Package nameNotes
submin2Transition package to submin2-full, not needed
submin2-fullInstalls every component (core, git, svn, trac)
submin2-coreContains all files, needed for any other package
submin2-gitInstalls git dependencies
submin2-svnInstalls svn dependencies
submin2-tracInstalls trac dependencies

For example, if you want to install submin2 with only git and trac but not subversion, install the submin2-git and submin2-trac packages. If you have added the Debian repository, the submin2-core package will be installed automatically, otherwise you will have to download and install the submin2-core package as well.

Source tarballs

Current Nightly builds Old (deprecated)

When in doubt, download the 'current' release.

Dependencies »

Submin requires some software to work properly. Please install this software as well:

Apache and/or NginxSubmin can generate config files for both. Apache is mandatory for subversion.
Python 2.xPython 2.7 preferred, but 2.6 should work
SubversionOnly if you want to use subversion
GitOnly if you want to use git
TracOnly if you want to use ticket system

Debian repository

Debian users can also use the debian repository.

1. Add repository

Create a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/submin.list and add only ONE of the following lines:

For the stable releases: deb current main

For the newest builds: deb nightly main

2. Update apt

Then add the repository key so apt can verify the packages (and you don't have to type 'Yes' each update), and update apt-get so it knows the packages.
wget -q -O - | apt-key add -
apt-get update

3. Install packages

Now you can install submin with:
apt-get install submin2-full

Hint: You do not have to install everything, see "Which packages to install?" above.

4. Create submin environment

After installing, you can create submin repositories. Please see the submin INSTALL file for more information (skip to the "Create submin environment" section).