2014-08-24: Nightly build upgrade breaks installation

Upgrading to the newest nightly builds results in an 'Internal Server Error'. This is because we changed the packaging to a newer format, but we forgot that installed versions have some references to these paths. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

To fix this problem, some configuration files need to be regenerated and services need to be restarted. The following assumes the submin environment is in /var/lib/submin.

If you use Subversion or Trac:
  • Run submin2-admin /var/lib/submin apacheconf create all, this will recreate apache config files.
  • Run service apache2 reload[1]
If you use Nginx with uwsgi:
  • Run submin2-admin /var/lib/submin nginxconf create all, this will recreate nginx and uwsgi config files.
  • Run service nginx reload[1]
  • Run service uwsgi reload[1]

[1] This is assuming that 'service <service> reload' will reload the service. It might be '/etc/init.d/<service> reload' or something else, depending on your distribution.